Kennedy Space Center near Melbourne, Florida

How to spend a summer afternoon in Melbourne

5 things to do when you are in Melbourne, Florida

As the world heals from the global pandemic and the situation gets better, people will be starting to go back to the old routine and start traveling and visiting different places. If you are planning to visit Melbourne, Florida anytime soon you have come to the right page. Today we will be telling you 5 things to do when you are in Melbourne, Florida. Read ahead to learn more!

Sunsets and fishing

Melbourne beach

Florida is very famous for its pretty beaches and long coast. Particularly the Melbourne Beach pier, which overlooks the Indian river, is the best place to watch sunsets or go for a nice calm evening stroll. You can also bring a fishing pole and some bait to spend a wonderful afternoon shoreline fishing.

Watch a space launch

Melbourne is just 40 mins away from the Kennedy Space Center’s launch site and if you are a space enthusiast, you can go and watch a space launch. Plus it is free to watch!

Visit a museum

If you are interested in history and artifacts, there are many museums in Melbourne. For example, the Historic Rossetter House Museum & Gardens is one of the listed historic places with guided tours shedding light on the history of Florida. Another free attraction is the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum which features two distinct areas. The first one is the Rotunda of American History that displays patriotic documents and memorabilia. The second part is the Freedom Hall- a tribute to the men and women of the United States armed forces.

Brevard Zoo Treetop Trek

Treetop trek in Melbourne, Florida

Adventure enthusiasts and thrill-seekers can take this guided course where they will have to climb, crawl, zip, or bolt their way through a series of increasingly difficult paths. The person who reaches the finish line overcoming all obstacles first is declared the winner for that round. For more information, call: 321-254-9453 or visit

Attend annual fests and events

Florida organizes a lot of yearly family-friendly festivals and events that bring the community together. The most popular seasonal activities include- the annual arts fest in April, the festival of trees in December, the chocolate festival in March, the food and wine festival in November, and the Christmas space coast light fest from late November to January.

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