Are Hyundai Vehicles Good Quality?

Hyundai Delivers Unrivaled Vehicle Quality

Are Hyundai Vehicles Good Quality?

There are a lot of stereotypes out there about which automotive brands build the best quality vehicles and which brands are bound to fall apart within the first 5 years. This makes it tough to get to the truth of which vehicles are actually great quality. Many people often ask us if our Hyundai vehicles are good enough quality for their desires. Our answer is always a resounding, “yes.” Allow us to show you why.

 Let’s first mention the simple fact that Hyundai claims “America’s Best Warranty.” While many manufacturers will have a 5-year limit on their new vehicle powertrain warranty, Hyundai is confident enough in the quality of its vehicles that it doubles the typical powertrain warranty to 10 years and/or 100,000 miles. It certainly raises some doubts about any manufacturer only willing to offer a 5 year warranty instead!

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How Is Hyundai Steel Made?

The key question, however, is how can Hyundai be so confident in the quality of its vehicles? Well, it may be because the core elements of each vehicle are made by Hyundai itself.

Did you know Hyundai is the only car company to have its own steel plant? That’s different, isn’t it? And “different” can often lead to “better.” In the case of Hyundai’s steel plant, creating its own steel allows Hyundai to tailor the alloys to specifications that are specific to each Hyundai model. After all, Hyundai knows best what each vehicle needs, so being able to create each car from the ground up is best for everyone, allowing for better safety, better strength and just a better all-around vehicle.

How Does Hyundai Test Cars?

There are many unique things that Hyundai does throughout the vehicle building process. The steel plant is just one example. Another excellent example is the rigorous testing Hyundai models are put through before they are given the green light.

The engine endures particularly harsh conditions, forced to operate in both triple digit and subzero temperatures. Moreover, Hyundai crashes a lot of its own vehicles on purpose (over 100!)  so that you are at less of a risk of getting into an accident yourself. And, if you ever are, Hyundai testing has helped ensure that you are as safe as possible in such a situation.

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As you can see, a lot goes into ensuring that each Hyundai vehicle is providing you with great quality, assurance and safety. After reading all this, it’s no wonder that Hyundai has been ranked #1 in customer loyalty for 8 years in a row based on the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. So, with all that out of the way, it’s probably time for a test drive. Contact us at Coastal Hyundai and we would be happy to get you behind the wheel.