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How to get a loan with challenged credit

Bad credit auto loans in Palm Bay FL

Are you looking for your next car but are concerned about your credit situation? Millions of Americans are considered to have bad credit, and such a status can adversely affect your chances of being approved for a traditional auto loan. What can you do about it? Coastal Hyundai is here to help with bad credit auto loans in Palm Bay, FL.

Someone signing a documentWhat is a bad credit auto loan?

If you have bad credit, most dealerships will outright turn you down for a loan. That’s not how Coastal Hyundai operates. We will get to work for you and utilize every financing tool at our disposal to ensure that you get the auto loan that you need.

We can explore multiple options from leasing and traditional financing all the way to special financing programs specifically designed to help those with troubled credit or even no credit. Learn more about how we can get you financed for the car that you want by following the link below. At Coastal Hyundai, we say yes, and you pay less in Palm Bay!

Bad Credit Financing Palm Bay

credit score on a phoneHow do you know what your credit score is?

There are a lot of tools you can use to determine what your credit score is. In fact, you are entitled to know what that number is and what it means to your financial future.

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If you don’t know what your credit score is, then we can help. Click the link below. With the simple and secure form that follows, you can learn what your credit score is for free.

Find Your Credit Score

cartoon of a woman pushing her credit score from poor to goodCan getting an auto loan improve your credit?

The wonderful thing about finally getting an automotive loan at Coastal Hyundai is that it can actually put you on the path to improved credit. Your credit score is based on a lot of criteria, but one of those things is on time payments.

Simply by paying for the car that you want, you can give your credit score a significant boost especially over the course of your loan. If you have troubled or challenged credit, and you need a car, then Coastal Hyundai is here to help. You can even get started with the pre-approval process below right now!

Auto Loan Pre-Approval