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Lots of Salt In Florida Air and Beaches Presents a Danger to Cars

Do Cars Rust In Florida?                                                          

Like everything else in life, cars age. Technology becomes obsolete and that sporty design your vehicle once had starts to look outdated and dull. Of course, a car can still look good even when it ages, and sometimes an older vehicle is even desirable thanks to a dose of nostalgia… that is, assuming it isn’t rusting. Vehicle-destroying rust is mostly considered a concern for northern states that use salt to de-ice roads in the winter. So the question is do cars rust in southern states like Florida too? 

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The answer to that question depends on who you ask. Some may so “no,” but many of those who would actually have an opinion on the matter are car enthusiasts, meaning they take far more care of their vehicle than the average driver. There is nothing wrong with frequent, thorough washes and waxings, but how many people actually have the time to keep up with that on a regular basis? 

So with all that in mind, the truth is that cars can and do rust here in Florida. This rusting may not be as severe or accelerated as it is in northern states who undergo harsh conditions during winter. Florida drivers have their own unique problem to deal with because of the increased salinity in the air and the exposure to salt water for those who live or drive near the coast. This makes Florida vehicles far more susceptible to rusting than other southern states that may have dryer conditions. 

vintage cars hidden in a shedWhat Car Should You Get to Avoid Rust? 

As you can see, just because you don’t have to put your car through winter weather conditions the northern part of the country endures doesn’t mean it is immune to rust, especially if you live in Florida.  

Regular and thorough car washes will always be important when it comes to avoiding rust, with special attention paid to the undercarriage of the vehicle. However, if your car does rust, you’ll wish you would have purchased a car with an excellent anti-corrosion warranty. That’s exactly what you’ll get with America’s Best Warranty through Hyundai. It includes a 7-year anti-perforation warranty with unlimited miles, protecting you from rust holes through body panels due to defects in material or workmanship with normal use and maintenance. 

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Hyundai may not be the only brand to offer an anti-perforation warranty, but its warranty does last longer and include more miles than other popular brands like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Chevy. To learn more, contact us at Coastal Hyundai.