How Does Hyundai Roadside Assistance Work?

Hyundai Roadside Assistance Has Your Back 24/7

How Does Hyundai Roadside Assistance Work?

Having roadside assistance to go along with your vehicle may not seem like a big deal… at least, not until you actually have to use it. If you’re in a situation where using roadside assistance is necessary, you’ll be so glad your vehicle comes with it. For those who drive a Hyundai, we’ll explain some of the finer details of Hyundai’s 24/7 Roadside Assistance and how it works.

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hyundai roadside assistance benefits

First of all, if you’re currently in need of Roadside Assistance support, don’t let us keep you any longer. To contact Roadside Assistance, call 1-800-243-7766. You should be prepared to provide the following pieces of information:

  • Your name
  • Current (or vehicle) location
  • VIN
  • Explanation of the problem your vehicle is experiencing
  • Vehicle mileage

Benefits of Hyundai Roadside Assistance

If you’re just now learning about what Hyundai Roadside Assistance can provide, you’ll be happy with what you hear. That’s because, first of all, 24/7 Roadside Assistance comes with each vehicle and is available for up to 5 years with no mileage limits.

Of course, Hyundai Roadside Assistance can handle all of the basic needs you’d expect it to, such as towing to the nearest Hyundai dealership, help with a flat tire or dead battery, and even delivery of some gas if you’ve run the car to empty. One of our favorite benefits of Roadside Assistance, however, is Trip Interruption Assistance. Should your car ever be disabled while you’re more than 150 miles away from home and needs to stay in the shop overnight, Hyundai Roadside Assistance will actually reimburse you for any meal, lodging or transportation costs that could be related.

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Now that you know a little bit more about the services Hyundai Roadside Assistance can provide and how it works, be sure to keep it in mind should you ever run into car trouble. Of course, you can also always contact us here at Coastal Hyundai for anything you need.