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Can You Return a New Car?

How Long Do I Have to Change My Mind After Buying a Car? 

So, you just bought a car. You drive it home and you think you’re happy with it. After all, you took it for a test drive and you researched the vehicle thoroughly. The problem is, after a day or two of driving it, you’re either just not feeling it or you find that the car doesn’t come with certain features you knew you wanted on a car but didn’t factor into your purchase. What can you do? How long do you have to change your mind and return the car after you have already bought it? 

Well, that answer depends on the dealership and depends on the brand. Most of the time, once you sign that paperwork and drive the vehicle off the lot, you’re connected for life… or at least until you sell the vehicle to someone else. There are exceptions though. 

To be honest, it isn’t completely the dealership’s fault. In many cases, the paperwork has already been sent out to make matters of a return even more complicated. Moreover, once you’ve added miles to the car, its value goes down. This makes it tough for a dealership to give you all your money back for a vehicle that may not be worth what it was when you first took it off the lot. In order to return a vehicle, you really have to find a dealership willing to go above and beyond. 

woman getting into a white Hyundai carReturn Your Car In 3 Days With Hyundai Shopper Assurance Benefits 

But guess what? You’ve already found a dealership willing to go above and beyond right here at Coastal Hyundai. That’s because we have implemented the Hyundai Shopper Assurance program, which includes a 3-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Sure, like any business, we need to make money and selling cars is one of the ways we do that. After all, our employees have families to feed and bills to pay too! But, at the end of the day, our true goal is to make sure the car you take home is the one you are happiest driving. If for whatever reason you decide the Hyundai model you bought from us isn’t that perfect vehicle, we’ll take it back within 3 days following the purchase for the full value you paid or allow you to exchange it for another one of our vehicles. 

So, it appears Coastal Hyundai may be one of few exceptions for having the option of returning a vehicle after you’ve already bought it. To learn more about our 3-Day Money Back Guarantee or any other part of Shopper Assurance, contact us at the dealership.