How to Program HomeLink Garage Door Opener In Your Hyundai

Learn How to Use and Set Up the Garage Door Buttons In Your Hyundai

How to Program HomeLink Garage Door Opener In Your Hyundai

Though there is nothing brand new about having built-in garage door buttons in your vehicle, it’s a feature that many simply don’t use because of the fact that they don’t know how to program them. While we can’t speak for all makes and models, we can speak for Hyundai, so allow us to show you how to program the HomeLink garage door opener buttons that you might find located in your Hyundai.

Before we start the process, make sure you clear everything out of the way of your garage door, have your garage door opening device in hand and are able to locate the garage door buttons in your Hyundai. These can be found on the rearview mirror.

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Guide to Programming Your Hyundai Garage Door Buttons

  1. With the vehicle parked outside your garage, and the garage door closed, press and hold the two outside garage door buttons (on the left and the right) until you see the red light next to them begin to flash.
  2. Next, decide which garage door button in your Hyundai you’d like to program. Then, press and hold the appropriate button on your garage door device while simultaneously pressing and holding the HomeLink garage door button on your Hyundai’s rearview mirror. Do this until you see the red light turn solid or flash very quickly. A slow flash means that the system is still programming.
  3. Lastly, test to make sure the button has been programmed. If it works, you’re all set to go. If not, you’ll want to follow the steps below, as your garage door may have a rolling code system.


How to Program Hyundai Garage Door Buttons With a Rolling Code System

  1. If the above steps didn’t fully program your garage door, you may have a rolling code system. You’ll likely need a ladder and the help of one other person (unless you’re quick).
  2. Use the ladder to locate the “learn” or “smart” button on your garage door unit. Once found, press and release it.
  3. Then, you’ll have 30 seconds to press the paired HomeLink button in your Hyundai for 2 seconds. This is where some extra help may come in handy, but if you’re fast, you can get it done yourself.

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As long as your garage door opens when you press the button in your Hyundai, the pairing procedure was a success. If you have trouble programming your HomeLink garage door buttons, however, please do not hesitate to contact us for help at Coastal Hyundai or consult your owner’s manual.