How to Use Hyundai's SHIFTRONIC Manual Shifting Mode

Learn How to Shift Manually In Your Hyundai

How to Use Hyundai’s SHIFTRONIC Manual Shifting Mode 

If your Hyundai vehicle has the SHIFTRONIC feature, it means you can take control of your vehicle’s gear shifts as though you were driving a manual transmission-equipped vehicle. This is thanks to a dual-clutch transmission that allows the ease of an automatic transmission, while also providing shifting control to the you, the driver, if you so desire. Allow us to teach you more about Hyundai’s SHIFTRONIC manual shifting mode and how to use it down below. 

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What Is a Dual Clutch Transmission? 

First, let’s talk about what a dual clutch transmission actually is. What does it do and what are its benefits? Well, let’s take a look. 

As the name suggests, this type of transmission will have two separate clutches. One clutch operates gears 1, 3, 5 and 7, while the other operates 2, 4, 6 and reverse. This allows for quicker automatic shifting. By default, this transmission is designed to maximize fuel economy, but it can also be operated much like a manual transmission for more spirited driving. 

How to Shift Manually With Your Hyundai Transmission 

If your vehicle is equipped with such a transmission and you wish to use it, it really is very simple… much more simply than your traditional manual transmission. First, take your shift lever and slide it over into the manual shifting position. When in drive, you should be able to move the lever over to the left (or right) to enter the manual shift position. 

To make your shifts while driving, simply push the lever up to move up a gear or pull it back down to move down a gear. If you miss a gear shift, don’t worry, the vehicle’s computer will take care of it for you to ensure that no damage is done. If your vehicle happens to have paddle shifters near the steering wheel, pull the one with a “+” to shift up or a “-” to shift down. 

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Now that you know a little bit more about how to use Hyundai’s SHIFTRONIC manual shifting mode and how a dual clutch transmission works, be sure to check back to the Coastal Hyundai blog to learn more about Hyundai vehicles.