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Hyundai Dealership Offers to Match and Beat Online Price

Shopping for a car can be time consuming for many buyers. Customers want the best deal on their new car as possible. With so many options and prices out there, where do you start? Here at Coastal Hyundai, we are offering to beat any online price for any new Hyundai model!

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How Much Can I Save With This Offer?Happy Couple Looking at Laptop

Coastal Hyundai’s offer gives a $500 discount to any lower competing new Hyundai model that’s listed online. For instance, let’s say you found an online price of $22,500 for a new 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 SE. The lowest Coastal Hyundai currently offers for that exact model is $23,785. Therefore, Coastal Hyundai will beat that online price and offer you $22,000. As you can see, the potential to save is huge!

How Do I Submit the Competing Online Price?

The listing must be presented to the dealer at negotiations to receive the $500 off. This offer is not eligible for vehicles sold by Coastal Hyundai prior to the presentation of a competing price.

As mentioned before, Coastal Hyundai will accept any listing from a competitive dealer for Hyundai vehicles. Note that Cocoa Hyundai is not considered a competitive dealer as they run under the same parent company as Coastal Hyundai.


What If I’m Looking for a Used Hyundai Instead of a New One?

Unfortunately, this offer applies specifically to new Hyundai vehicles. However, Coastal Hyundai does offer discounts on used Hyundai vehicles. To see the current specials and vehicle details, visit the used manager specials page here. These specials change frequently, so check back until you find the Hyundai that’s right for you!

No matter if you are looking for a new Hyundai or a used model, contact us so we can get in touch with you!