Front driver angle of the Hyundai Vision T concept

Hyundai Vision T Plug-in Hybrid SUV Concept Style & Design Cues

What is the Hyundai Vision T Plug-in Hybrid?

At 2019 AutoMobility LA, Hyundai has teased a new concept vehicle that may enter the lineup in the future. This vehicle, the Hyundai Vision T, is a plug-in hybrid SUV and is the seventh Hyundai Design Center concept to be unveiled. If this concept were to enter production, the Hyundai Vision T would reinforce the new eco-friendly and innovative direction the company is focusing on. Let’s take a look at some of the style and design cues offered in the Hyundai Vision T plug-in hybrid concept.

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Exterior Design

The Hyundai Vision T concept focuses on being dynamic. Its striking edges and bold curves give this concept a sporty and futuristic personality. For example, this concept offers a parametric air shutter grille design. While the vehicle is in motion, each cell on the grille move to enhance its appearance along with fuel economy and aerodynamics. Another feature unveiled in this concept is the Integrated Hidden Signature Headlamp. This new design offers headlamps that appear chromium and provide instantaneous lighting.

The rest of the body embraces the chrome appearance that is being focused on in its design. Its oversize chrome alloy wheels feature a split-five-spoke design and striking orange brake calipers. The roof is designed with a special glass pattern and the Hyundai logo is even designed to feature dark chrome and gorgeous lighting.

Front angle of the Hyundai Vision T concept
Rear angle of the Hyundai Vision T concept
Rear driver angle of the Hyundai Vision T concept

Dimensions and Plug Location

Along with design features, Hyundai released the dimensions of this concept. The length of the vehicle would be 181.5 inches while the width is 79.3 inches. The height would measure to 67.1 inches while the wheelbase would be 110.4 inches.

For charging purposes, the port on the Vision T is located at the rear passenger quarter panel with a sliding cover for easy access. “Blue Drive” will light up when the vehicle is charging and is also indicated with a metered circular light. When the Vision T is fully charged, the circle will be complete.

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