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What do I need to know when servicing my vehicle in Melbourne, FL?

What you need to know about when servicing your vehicle in Melbourne, Florida. So, let’s get started on a couple frequently asked questions.

Vehicle service and maintenance FAQs

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Question: when does my car oil need to be changed?

Answer: your vehicle oil needs to be changed every 8010 thousand miles, depending on what your vehicle owners manual says. Ideally, you check your oil every month to see how dirty it looks.

Question: Does my engine break if I don’t change my car oil?

Answer: well this is rather extreme, yes your car engine can break if you don’t change your car oil for a long period of time. the oil is what keeps your engine clean and working smoothly, and if the oil gets too dirty it stops helping the engine cool down. Eventually, your engine can literally melt . So, it’s always a good idea to get your oil changed on time.

Question: how often should I have a tire rotation done on my car?

Answer: typically, you need to rotate your tires at the same frequency that you change your oil . So, it’s not uncommon for drivers to change their vehicle oil and rotate their tires at the same time.

Question: why is my car squeaking when I break?

Answer: if your vehicle starts to squeak when you break this is typically assigned that your vehicle brake pads are going. So, it’s advised to get in contact with your service provider as soon as you can.

Question: how often will I need to change the brake pads on my car?

Answer: typically, your vehicle brake pads need to be changed every 20,000 to 50,000 miles. This has such a great gap because of vehicle driving conditions, such as how hard you break and how often you break.

Question: What vehicle maintenance tasks do I need to perform monthly?

Answer: You need to check your car fluid levels and your tire pressure monthly. It’s also a good idea to check your car oil monthly as well.

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