Hyundai Prophecy Concept EV Exterior Passenger Side Front Angle

What do we know about the Hyundai Prophecy Concept EV?

Ahead of its official debut at the Geneva International Motor Show, Hyundai has unveiled its new Prophecy Concept EV. Expressing the next step in the evolution of the brand’s design language, as well as giving a glimpse into the brand’s future with ramped-up electrification, the Prophecy Concept EV is quite wondrous. We thought we’d rundown what we already know about the Prophecy for you today.

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“We have brought to live yet another icon that establishes a new standard for the EV segment as well as pushing Hyundai’s design vision to even broader horizons. A part of that expansion is what we call Optimistic Futurism, a design concept embodied by ‘Prophecy’. With Optimistic Futurism, our aim is to forge an emotional connection between humans and automobiles.”

– SangYup Lee, Head, Hyundai Global Design Center

Exterior Design

Hyundai designers believe they have discovered the Ultimate Automotive Form in this new concept, thanks to its pristine surfaces, pure volume, aesthetic harmony and functionality. You can look at the panels and lines of the vehicle to see where Sensuous Sportiness bleeds into the new Optimistic Futurism design concept. The entire design is aerodynamically advanced, evident in many of the vehicle’s shapes. For instance, the integrated rear spoiler harnesses downforce to improve stability at higher speeds.

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Interior Design

Advancements continue inside the cabin as Hyundai introduces a refined and comfortable lifestyle space. What’s perhaps most surprising and exciting about the interior of the Prophecy is that its steering wheel has been replaced by joysticks and buttons as the vehicle utilizes autonomous driving technologies. The cabin can even be set into a Relax mode, which changes certain things and allows passengers to experience optimal comfort.

Hyundai Prophecy Concept EV Exterior Passenger Side Rear Angle

Hyundai Prophecy Concept EV Interior Cabin Dashboard

Hyundai Prophecy Concept EV Interior Cabin Seating

As more information about the Hyundai Prophecy Concept EV becomes available, we’ll be sure to fill you in right here on the Coastal Hyundai blog.